Peeglid on lisaks praktilisele kasutusele muutunud oluliseks disainielemendiks. Framing helps match your mirror with the interior of your home and enhance its visual appeal. Framing enables you to give a mirror a more elegant, antique or modern appearance. We offer made-to-measure framed mirrors, and in addition to a selection of around 700 different mirror frames, customers can choose between a variety of mirror tinting options, bevelling, and LED lighting solutions. Peegliraamide küljes on riputuskonksud seinale paigaldamiseks.

Mirror frames

More than 700 mirror frames available. The frames are made of wood, aluminium or plastic.

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And, of course, we also offer mirrors in addition to frames. Several tinting options, thicknesses and bevelling available.

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Mirrors with LED lighting

LED lighting highlights the mirror on the wall and makes the room feel warm and cosy.